1. While you go Textile Importers Section, You can first select all Counteries or Select any specific country.

2. After slecting the country option, You will find Multiple Filters on Screen Like Filter Importer by Country Name,Prosuct Category or Buyer Ranking.

3. You can either apply any single filter or acan apply 03 filters all togther to refine your search.

4. You can here search any buyer by typing his/her name if you any customer already.

5. You can find customer here by applying Product Category Filter for expample if you are looking for bed linen or towel customers in any specific country?

6. You can also apply Buyer Ranking Filter vice versa to see who are big customers & who are medium & small customers?


1. After you find Buyers on the List you can click on Buyers Name, where you will the complete Buyers Profile with its contact details.

2. Here you can find Buyer’s Address, City Name, Phone numbers & Emails

3. You can find Buyer’s Supplier name.

4. You can find in which Product Category Buyers Falls into?

5. You can find which proucts buyer is buying along with products specifiation.

6. You can also find here Buyer’s location on Map and location of more Buyers on similar location of any.

7. You can add Buyer to Specific Customised Folder to contact them under any criteria.


1. You can create Buyers Folder with any specific name for example “ UK Bed sheet customers” or “Fabric Customers in Spain”

2. You can add any buyer to any customised folder to save your working online. Later you can contact them the way you want.

3. Multiple Buyers can be contacted, placed in any specific folder through bulk email marketing software by selecting “ Email to All Buyers”


1. If you are looking to visit any specific city or village or Island in any country, targeting appointments fo rmeetings, here you will the solutions.

2. You can choose any specific destination & can target selected or all buyers in particular destination by using our bulk email marketing software.

3. The purpose of sending emails could be to get appointments for meetings, sending your promotional emails or selling your dead stocks.

4. Thousands of Buyers Emails are added in software.


1. If you are targeting to enter to any new market or want to expand your business in existing market, then this option will help you to serve the purpose.

2. You can send your promotional emails to all Buyers in selected country or can send emails to buyers in all countries in no time by using our email software.

3. You can easily find buyers for cancelled orders or your dead stocks to liquidise money.


You can offer your dead stocks or cancelled orders products to thousands of buyers emailing all of them simultaneously in just one go.

Finding Fresh & New Buyers & liquidising money is always helpful for you.


1. By using this option, You can find Buyers by product specifciation.

2. You can search Percale Buyers, o buyes of T200 ot T300 theards, or can find buyers by typing 30x30 76x68 or 20x20 60x60 white fabrics.

3. You can search buyers by typing “Scrub Suites” or “Towel” Or “Bed sheets” or “Diaper” or “Muslin Cloth” or “Tent” or any product name or size.

4. In this option you can easily find buyer of your cancelled orders since you know who buys exaclty what you are exaclty trying to sell.


1. By using Zoom in & out option you can find Buyers location on particular Country, City, Village or any Island.

2. All Buyer’s Pages are clickable from Maps to see their profile.

3. Finding non traditional markets now so easy to find out & make some research work on it.

4. This tool will also helps a lot while you are planning to travel for business.